It is the vision of Community Cornerstone that all people in our community,
including Individuals with developmental disabilities will live, learn, work, travel
and play in the best, most inclusive environment.

     We envision strong, healthy individuals and families whose emotional
resources are renewed and supported by Community Cornerstone.

     We envision a system of services that is determined by the individuals served.
We envision a process that is complimentary to the individual's own life, and which
does not intrude upon the person's chosen lifestyle. We envision people living in the
living arrangement of their choice. We recognize that life is made meaningful by
loving, being loved, and having friends and relationships.

We acknowledge that life is enhanced by contribution, responsibility and the
opportunity to learn new ideas and to engage in new experiences, including
educational opportunities, social interactions and work activities. We envision a
system of services and supports, which acknowledges the person's age, lifestyle
preferences and culture.

     We envision all people being empowered to communicate with their own minds
and hearts to determine their supports and services.

     We also subscribe to a vision, which represents the highest commitment to
excellence. We envision a commitment to honesty, compassion, trustworthiness and

     We envision a joyful and supportive environment in which trust is the
cornerstone of all interactions, humor is appreciated and everyone participates fully
in teamwork. We envision one community that values diversity and honor in

We acknowledge that shared learning, communication and planning
activities will provide the greatest benefit for those individuals we serve.
We envision a culture in which all members of the community are respected,
supported, honored and recognized for their diverse contributions
and valued services.

     We envision educational efforts, which focus on teaching relationships
rather than care giving; which teach support rather than control; which teach
communication rather than regulation.

Community Cornerstone wishes to express it's

gratitude to Redwood Coast Regional Center for this vision that defines our purpose.