We are just like you. We want to have a job, take care of our own home and live
on our own.We want to participate in the community, play and have fun, develop
special talents, and have relationships. We also want to access our community but
most important we want to succeed.

   When you see me I may not look like you or even act like you. Just as creation
made each being special, like you I am also special. Remember I am not asking
for sympathy or charity only to be treated with respect and dignity. My goals are
like yours I want to live a full and productive life.

   Community Cornerstone exists to help adults with various disabilities live full and
productive lives. If you know of anyone that might benefit from our services please
forward this web site. We currently have openings for up to five consumers.
In this community there is a need for residential care homes. Community
Cornerstone will assist people that are interested in starting a care home. If you
might enjoy the peace and serenity of this beautiful area and you want information
about care homes please contact us.

We are just like you...

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 we want to succeed.

Our Vision